The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada inducted 4 exceptional drivers into the HALL OF FAME FOR PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS during its annual conference in King City, Ontario on June 19th, 2013.

The Hall of Fame is sponsored by Huron Services Group Ltd. and recognizes superior over the road performance by drivers whose companies are members of the PMTC.  The Hall of Fame provides a more permanent recognition of their abilities in addition to that afforded by the award in a single year.

The Hall of Fame resides on the PMTC website ( where any and all can visit.

“There are many professional commercial truck drivers in Canada and their skills are evident to all road users.  These professionals compile safe driving records that are beyond amazing, considering all the adverse conditions they face every day,” said PMTC President Bruce Richards, “but it is only a select few that match the caliber of the drivers in the PMTC – Huron Services Group Hall of Fame.  The industry salutes these individuals and we are pleased to honor them today.

We are very grateful for the interest and support shown by Huron Services Group Ltd. that helps us sustain this Hall of Fame and celebrate the achievements of these drivers.”

The first inductee in 2013 was Mr. Mike Demone driving for Home Hardware Stores Ltd.

The second inductee was Mr. Jimmy Peters driving for TMH Logistics Ltd. / TONA Transport

The third inductee was Mr. Rick Packham driving for Huron Services Group Ltd. / John Deere Private Fleet

The fourth inductee was Mr. Jeff Foell driving for Patene Building Supplies Ltd.

The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada and Huron Services Group Ltd. are pleased to induct each of these professionals into the Hall of Fame for Professional Drivers.

Pictured from left to right: Jeff Foell, Mike Demone and Rick Packham